The Horrors of a Chanel 19 Flapbag! + My Thoughts 1 Year Later…

Here I was, cruising the secondhand market to scope out how the price of Chanel 19’s are faring on luxury consignment websites, as I’m prepared to sell my maxi to fashionphile due to hardly any use…..

Well, my eyes planted on a Chanel 19 Maxi Flapbag just like mine (except this one is navy) … and wait WHAT? This “new in box” bag looked awful. “Why?”, you wonder? Well because of the RAILROAD TRACK MARKS RUNNING UP IT! Don’t believe me?! LOOK!

Look closer:

Ok really, if you can handle it, then look even CLOSER!

Behold the chains – which we love to hate, or hate to love, depending on where you stand with the Chanel 19’s mixed metals – have created HIDEOUS indents across the spots on which it rested!

Now tell me that doesn’t make you cringe! Especially after spending major dinero on a bag!

Clearly the owner of this bag hadn’t stored the bag properly, but still! I am quite surprised the indents are so prominent on a bag that was probably just hibernating during covid’s zoom-filled environment.

Which brings me to my final point, and that is that as much as I love the Chanel 19 maxi, it simply became a drag – literally – as a “mom bag” and “executive bag”. Here are my thoughts one year later:

I love the Chanel 19 (in all sizes!). Always have, always will. However, the chains, coupled with the heavy leather, made this beautiful bag eye candy on my shelf as it is totally impractical for my I-need-everything-that-goes-into-a-diaper-bag-plus-the-kitchen-sink mommy lifestyle. And as for corporate meetings? Forget about it! With zoom meetings, no one needs to stylishly haul their computers to work, so the largest size has become completely impractical for me.

So for the girl or guy that are thinking of sporting this precious bag, get it if you really love it, or if you see commutes to work in your future once we get passed this covid mess. Also, if you want to avoid facing yet another price increase on the Chanel classics, and can make it work into your lifestyle! I wish I could have with mine, but one year on, I admit I have my name waitlisted for the smaller size.

So the moral of this story is, regardless of whether you get the bag, or another bag, or a larger bag, or a smaller bag, or whatever….. just be sure to store her properly or “little-miss-big-handbag” could look like she got run over by a bulldozer!

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Happy shopping Rugged Glam-ers!

Much Love,



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