Welcome to my Rugged Glam Favorites Boutique – where you can shop for my favorite luxury fashion and beauty finds. I’ve done the leg work and searched for the best deals out there, or found the hardest-to-find pieces! If you’re interested in shopping my closet, I’ll link to those pieces too…. xoxo


Saint Laurent Sac De Jour

I've always been a huge fan of the Sac De Jour from Saint Laurent. It is a very "Boss Lady" or "Boss Lad" tote - great every day bag for executives or Rugged Glam -ers working in a corporate environment. I love how "low key" this tote is - recognizable for other fashionistas and fashionistos, but not too "in your face" like you just one-upped your boss with a logo mania frenzy. xoxo

Saint Laurent Robin Gold Heels (115mm)

I'm obsessed with these GOR-GEOUSSSSSS Saint Laurent Robin Heels. The Metallic Gold Snakeskin Embossing screams "I AM FIERCE!" .... I absolutely love these, although I am biased because I love gold and sky high heels - you'll definitely get that in these 115mm heels. This is fro Gilt City, so you'll need an account to shop there, but trust me the discount is totally worth it because these heels retail for $200 more on Neiman Marcus and other sites... on Gilt City, you get them for 799 in lieu of $995! Did someone say thank you for the savings?!!! .... You're welcome xoxo Tip: If you are going to purchase these, I suggest getting your True To Size Italian (one up from your Nine West U.S. size in case you haven't purchased Italian sizing before ....) hope that helps and happy shopping! xoxo

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