What You Need to Know Before Buying Chanel Ready To Wear | Honest Review

Hi Rugged Glam-ers! It’s so lovely to have you back on the blog…. I hope you’re enjoying the peak of winter and are looking very fashionable while you’re at it!

This got me thinking the other day as I was enjoying one of my prized possessions – my Chanel fall/winter 2019 sweaters…. I have some thoughts about Chanel’s ready to wear (RTW):

First, there is no doubt the collections are beautiful! I tend to invest more in the winter collections because I feel the intricately woven knits using the finest materials makes me think I get a lot more out of my dinero than a t-shirt in the summer.

I don’t have a huge Chanel RTW collection – I’ll be featuring what I own in a Chanel Collection Video coming soon on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL (please check it out and subscribe here)….

Anyway, from what I do own, I have some tips:

First, when you see something you love, don’t hesitate for too long…. This happened to me when I was deciding whether or not to complete an outfit with some leggings branded with CHANEL along the sides…. now it’s impossible to get them. Instead I got the sweater only, thinking it would suffice…. However the sweater is so comfortable, trendy, and I get so much use out of it that I still have buyers remorse thinking I would have gotten just as much use out of the leggings (especially as a mompreneur!)….

Chanel Look 32

So let’s begin with what I love the most and have used the most this winter…..

Look 32! Wow is this trendy, cozy, comfortable, and versatile! I wear it all the time and love love love it. It is one of my favorite items in my collection!

Chanel Sweater – Look 32

You can wear it under a cardigan for a subdued logo look as seen here; or, on it’s own and stand out in Chanel branding! (you can see my top here which I wore during my Tom Ford Rose Prick Fragrance Review on my Youtube Channel (watch HERE).

It is incredibly cozy, and I cannot say enough great things about it. The color is great too , but as you can see, I do wish I also got the leggings, alas that ship has sailed.

Next is my beautiful heavy-knit cardigan (look 50 in the same collection).

Chanel Look 50

I use it as more of a robe because it is quite oversized. I feel warm just looking at it…. BUT, I do have one complaint that I’d like to share as it seems no one ever complains about Chanel clothing! The cashmere can be itchy AF. The wool and polyamide fabric contents will ensure this heavy duty piece will last me a lifetime; however, when I wear it as a robe on top of a tank top and shorts (as that’s how I like to role around the house), I find it to be itchy because the woven acrylic fabric pokes through! It doesn’t feel like cheap acrylic or anything, but it is noticeable when it rubs on bare skin. Therefore, you should really look at the fabric contents before investing so heavily in a piece of Chanel RTW. I put up with the courseness of the cardigan because it is very cool looking, but I find myself looking forward to taking it off once I’ve warmed up enough (the good news is wool works so quickly to warm you up)!

The only reason this beautiful piece isn’t sitting at the back of my closet right now is that I do get around wearing it on top of my Chanel jumper which I mentioned above. They look AMAZING together and wearing long sleeves under this eliminates feeling the itch entirely. That is how I style my lovely Chanel Ready To Wear pieces, but when I think I initially bought this cardigan as a robe to wear in the winter around the house (and get daily use out of it), I realize I didn’t end up using it as intended, wear it much less, and so I wanted to share that with you in case you’re thinking of splurging on an item like this.

I hope my review helped you narrow down what how you’ll be styling your Chanel Ready To Wear pieces, and what to consider with regards to your lifestyle and fabric choices.

Stay warm and cozy Rugged Glam -ers and I’ll see you again soon!

Much Love,



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