The top 20 ICONIC Green Luxury Bags ft. Hermes, Chanel, Bottega Veneta

I’ve been obsessed with green bags as of late! What is it about this regal color that makes me want to pair it with blacks, grays, whites, and other neutrals for the perfect pop of color? Here are a few that popped out to me! Stick around to the end to see my verdict – who did green best? And let me know too what do YOU think? Which luxury house made the best green?

20. No one perfects iridescent like Chanel! This green’s shine is eye catching and I’m in LOVE. Purchase HERE.

19. Chanel’s Dark Green was a beautiful teal color that I simply couldn’t get my hands on to see in person but the shade is simply beautiful. Purchase HERE.

18. Hermes came out with this super unique color that reminded me of a muted Tiffany Green color. The Hermes Vert Verone can be purchased HERE.

17. Hermes came out with the color KIWI. It’s not my purse-onal favorite as it’s a bit too yellow for my liking, but I’d admire it if I saw it on someone else. It’s very seasonal. Purchase HERE.

16. Hermes Vert Jade Lime is another one with a bit too much yellow undertone for my wardrobe, but there is no doubt it’s a great pop of color if it works with yours! Purchase HERE.

15. Chanel’s Metallic Green Calfskin Boy Bag has never looked so juxtaposed against this rugged ruthenium hardware! Anyone carrying this is a straight up badass. I also love how Chanel incorporated green into the ruthenium on the clasp. Purchase this bag HERE.

14. Chanel’s 2014 Deep Green Trendy CC has never looked so good for fall and winter! Purchase this bag HERE.

13. Bottega Veneta’s Chain Pouch in RACING green will indeed leave your heart racing! Purchase this bag HERE.

12. Bottega Veneta’s Intrecciato Cassette Bag in the color GRASS will leave you feeling lucky as a leprechaun! Purchase this bag HERE.

11. Hermes’ Constance Bag in the color MENTHE looks stu-nnnning with this shiny gold hardware! Purchase this bag HERE.

10. Valentino Garavani NAILED it with this studded jungle green, contrasted with gold accents! Purchase this bag HERE.

9. Bottega Veneta outperforms again with its PARAKEET green will make you want to scream! (in a good way). Purchase this bag HERE.

8. An Hermes Birkin in Vert Clair is a bon affair! If you can’t tell by now, I’m in love with a green-gold combo! Purchase this bag HERE.

7. Hermes in the color Malachite feels very mature and brings out the chic of this shade. Purchase this bag HERE.

6. Hermes’ Picotin Bag in the color Bambou even carries over to the hardware too! Purchase this bag HERE.

5. Nothing is more regal than the Hermes Vert Emaraude; this Constance long wallet in shiny alligator is such a stunner! Purchase this bag HERE.

4. I managed to get my hands on this Chanel Gold Top Handle Vanity in the 22K Green Color and I couldn’t he happier! It’s very similar to many of the colors listed above so I wanted to give it a space in and of itself! Purchase HERE.

3. I also have the Chanel 19 in the 20C Green Goatskin is a great pop of Springtime Green! It reminds me a lot of BV’s Parakeet Green. The 19 itself is rare, but I did manage to find it in the 19 Clutch with chain. Purchase HERE.

2. If you want to dip your toes in green, but aren’t ready to make a colorful splash of statement yet, then this subdued pistachio green could be just what you are looking for! Purchase HERE.

1.. My PURSEonal favorite is Chanel’s 2019 EMERALD GREEN. We all have that “the one that got away story” and this was it for me! Shown here contrasted against the gold hardware is just the BEST! I can’t believe I missed out on this when I was offered it in a mini reissue a few years ago. Purchase this bag HERE.

Let me know in the comments – what is YOUR favorite green shade?

Much Love, 💋RGxx


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