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I have fallen in LOVE today. In love with a boot. Christian Louboutin Vitish Boot in 100mm is a  wardrobe staple, fashion statement, and a classic boot that will work into any Rugged Glam-ers outfit for decades past and post!

Here is all you need to know about this gorgeous, sexy boot from Louboutin’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection.

It is available in PREORDERs now. Some stores like Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman have it available in some sizes and are ready to ship right away. In my case, I have to wait another 12 days until it is available to ship out… but that’s okay considering it is still over 100 degrees here. I won’t be able to wear them until October-ish anyway.

I haven’t been able to try it on but I did speak to sales agents who said that the boot runs 1/2 to a full size up from your US size. I went ahead and played it safe by ordering my TTS Italian rather than a half size down. The reason is this boot is a slip on boot.

I have a pair of suede zip up boots which run True to Size (TTS) Italian and a pair of the Egoutina Boots which I have in a half size smaller than my TTS Italian.


The Egoutina fits very well except for one problem – and that is the circumference of the boot is tight around my calf (note that is also a slip-on boot). With that in mind, and since the Vitish Boot is a slip-on style boot, I figured it is best to go my TTS, rather than the half size smaller. Even if the foot portion is a little longer than I like, I can always wear a thicker sock.

Vitish has a 16-18″ boot shaft; 14 1/4″ calf circumference

This is such a beautiful boot and it is a classic boot. Certain boot trends like the thigh-high Louboutins will come and go. But the reason I went ahead and invested in these is because it is a classic style boot (knee high) and it has an almond shaped toe box, beautiful curves and a 100mm heel (120mm heel in this style does not exist – yet….).

100mm (4 Inch) heel is beautifully curved.

The curve on the heel also has a very feminine look. In short – it is a heel I could have worn in 1990, 2000, will wear in 2016 and will probably still wear in 2030!

The Vitish has a beautiful angled topline.
Back View
Cost: $1395 before tax

Where to Buy: As mentioned, you can purchase these at Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf Goodman. You can also preorder on a number of other websites likes Saks Fifth Avenue. I still haven’t seen it on the Louboutin website so I went ahead and got them on Neiman Marcus. Click HERE to purchase.

Conclusion: They’ll be a lovely addition to a Rugged Glam-ers wardrobe. They are a staple boot that you can wear so many ways and a must have for your winter looks. I’ll do a look book soon after I receive these gorgeous boots so check back in soon Rugged Glam-ers!

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UPDATE: October is here and I have pulled out the boots to wear. I think you can safely go a 1/2 size down or stick to your TTS Italian and both will be equally comfortable. I didn’t notice any difference in the sizing (I have one pair in my TTS Italian and another in a 1/2 size smaller). They are not entirely a “Slouchy” boot because they stay up well. However, they do have a lot of room around the ankle. In terms of the circumference around the calf, they should fit most calves comfortably. They are not tight around the calf like my Egoutine boot. These are nice and loose.

I have posted an unboxing video on my Youtube Channel which you can watch below. It is long (an entire unboxing), so if you are only interested in seeing how the boot looks on, skip to 21:05.


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5 thoughts on “Review | Christian Louboutin Vitish Boot 100mm | Rugged Glam

  1. Hello I just received this boot. I was trying to find a review on it. They have a very slouchy look near my ankle. Did you find this too?

  2. Hey Ladies- I have these boots in my cart and am ready to checkout but just curious about calf room- I run and have bigger calves than i’d like- do they feel tight?

    1. Hi! they are roomy in my opinion – especially around the ankle… At the ankle, they are in between a slouchy boot (more room at the bottom) and towards the top they give you room too (i’m a size 4/6 and have jogger’s calves too and they fit well on the circumference). I am editing a video review which I’ll be posting today. I will comment back when i upload it so you can see how it looks on). I hope that helps!!! ps – i also got it in tts (so kate size) in calf leather – i had a bit of room to play around with in it, I went 1/2 size smaller with the suede version and they were a perfect fit. they are SO SO SO Comfortable and truly gorgeous. they are a classic so you’ll be able to wear for many seasons! thanks!!! xo

    2. Hi again! I just posted the video as an update on my post (scroll to the bottom) – to see the boots on, skip to the 23 minute mark. Let me know if you end up getting them and what your thoughts are! I’d love to get your opinion too! xo

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