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HI Rugged Glam-ers! As you know, I’m preparing outfits for the 6th Continent of our 7 continent Honeymoon Trip! I’m going to Italy for the European portion of our honeymoon and will be walking around a lot (read about my Tuscany Vacation by clicking HERE)! I have already packed the Dolce and Gabbana Lace Trainers (see review by clicking HERE)…. I absolutely LOVE my D&G trainers and will wear these the most on my trip!

But I’d also like to pack another pair of trainers to glam up some of my outfits a bit… You know  I’m on my honeymoon so I would love a little sparkle to express my inner joy!

So I have the perfect pair of trainers to achieve this!

The René Caovilla Strass Trainer is a beautiful addition to any Rugged Glam-ers closet. They are very classy, fashion-forward, and most importantly, COMFORTABLE for those long tourist walks!


Features: I love Caovilla’s use of lace panelling on the sneaker and the hand-set strass crystals in black. The crystals are pretty subtle due to their dark color but they do glimmer nicely when light reflections hit them.


Features Continued: Pink (blush) and peach undertones offer a beautiful contrast on the black sneaker. I also love the black and white contrast on the base of the sneaker.


SIZING: Although these are made in Italy, they do not run as small as I had expected. I purchased them in my true to size Italian; however I wish I would have gone down at least half a size. I hope that helps if you plan to purchase a similar pair of trainers from René Caovilla.


PRICE: The price tag on these beauties is steep – they cost around $1200 dollars, however I managed to find them on Saks Fifth Avenue for 40% off so it is always good to shop around (unfortunately they sold out of Saks) but if you don’t mind spending the cash, you can still find them at FarFetch by clicking HERE.

I hope this review is helpful to you and thanks for stopping by! Please share/like with other Rugged Glam-ers and feel free to comment below your thoughts or ask me any questions you might have.

Happy Shopping Rugged Glam-ers!

Much Love,



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