Mesmerized by Louboutins! So Kates, Top Vagues and Dandelion Spikes!

Hello my Rugged Glam Loves! I am back in the Middle East after an AMAZING trip to Italy (European Continent) as part of our 7-continent honeymoon (6 out of 7 continents down in 2016!) – you can read more about our honeymoon HERE. I have so much to share with you all! One of those items is a purchase I made of Christian Louboutin So Kates in Purple Pop (Patent Leather).

I kept on going back and forth on whether or not to purchase them while shopping online. Purple is one of my favorite colors, so my eyes would lock in a trance every time I scrolled through Louboutins online.

Louboutin’s website states: In purple pop patent leather, “So Kate” is a chic Fall/Winter accent pump.

While in the Louboutin Boutique in Rome, I saw them and asked to try them on. As with all So Kates, they were gorgeous! I have the So Kates in a leopard print (also patent) but I felt I needed the Purple Pop color too! A perfect color for Fall/Winter, this sexy pump will glam up any style!

I’m in LOVE with its sexy silhouette and 120mm heel!

The pointed toe box exerts confidence in a Rugged Glam-er. Don’t you agree? A pointed toe-box means you mean business! It’s a perfect heel for the boardroom or ANY negotiating table!

I love the shine of a patent leather heel!
No one can resist the sexiness of a Louboutin So Kate.

I’m always mesmerized looking at a dark pair of Loubis with Red Bottoms. The contrast is EVERYTHING! With a superfine stiletto heel, you get to show off more of that Red delight too! I’m so in love, even as I write this post, I’m staring at the red bottom and caught in a Loubi Trance!

Comfort: I have no issues walking in 120mm and so I don’t complain much about these heels hurting my feet. I do often hear though that they are uncomfortable. So be wise with where you wear them. Don’t go clubbing in these babies. Instead, pick a more appropriate venue – like work or dinner – to complete you look! (If you’re like me though, you pick your heels before you pick your clothes each day!)

Sexiness: Definitely a 10/10. NO ONE can resist the charm of a SO KATE!

Cost: So Kates are $675 before tax. On occasion, you can find them on sale at major retailers – if you aren’t in a hurry for them, consider shopping for them around Christmas or at an outlet like Barneys if you have one nearby (Note: You might not find them in the color you want. If you’re fixed on a color and don’t mind paying retail price – get them direct from the Louboutin website by clicking HERE ).

Sizing: Many people recommend going down half a size in So Kates because leather will stretch after a few wears. I leave that choice up to you. I have a pair in a half size smaller and this most recent pair I got in my True to Size Italian (TTS). I don’t mind either – it just came down to availability for me. To keep from the heels slipping, I usually put an insert in the back of my heel to keep it up. I have a few videos on these topics on my YoutTube Channel which you can check out HERE.

And lastly, to watch my Luxury Shopping Haul in Italy, click the video below! It was so fun in the Loubi store and I ended up buying the Top Vagues which I was looking for all over the world (read my post on Top Vagues HERE), the So Kates in purple and my husband got the Dandelion Spikes Flats.

Thanks for stopping by Rugged Glam-ers! Love you!

Much Love,



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