Dreaming of Christian Louboutin Top Vague 120mm Hematite Heels

(UPDATE: I ended up buying these GORGEOUS Heels… join me on my luxury shopping haul at the Christian Louboutin store in my youtube video (linked below). Thanks!)

I can’t stop stalking the internet for a pair of Christian Louboutin Top Vague Pumps. Unfortunately, they have sold out in the US. I managed to find them in the European store in a half size smaller than my “So Kate” size and I’m hesitating purchasing them because of a few reasons: I don’t know (nor could I find any reviews) on whether or not they “break in” easily. Also, they are sooooo expensive – retailing at over 2500 dollars!!!!!! I’m searching for a deal for them online.  Still, I want them so badly.

The problem with heels like the Top Vague pumps is that they’re so DAMN HOT and they sell out so quickly. It may take YEARS for me to find them online again – and what are the odds that they’d be in new condition?

Sigh…. I wish I could own these heels. They’re so gorgeous!!!! I want them in the black version, although the white ones are gorgeous wedding heels.

I absolutely love the scalloped top.

Rugged Glam-ers, have you ever been in this situation? A situation where you have to choose between a pair of heels and the “responsible” thing to do which is to NOT buy them because they’re way out of your price range?

In the meantime, please enjoy this eye candy with me.

How gorgeous is the Hematite Crystal detailing!!!! The stitching is perfect.


If you ARE so fortunate as to own a pair, I think that is wonderful!!!! Please tell me what you think of them! Did you SPLURGE and are they worth it? I’m straight up in love.

Happy Dreaming Rugged Glam-ers!

Much Love,


UPDATE: RUGGED GLAM-ERS HELP! I caved and was like, that’s it, I’m buying them! They are a true collector piece and I justified how I would pay for them (by selling off another two pairs that I haven’t worn yet) but my problem is I can’t purchase Louboutins online in another official store outside of the US Store! I have been trying to purchase these on the several of the other Christian Louboutin Websites – EU and Asia Pacific and DAMN IT, it WONT let me check out unless I have a postal address there. I made up an address but it won’t let me ship outside of that country – tried France, Netherlands, Italy, Singapore, all of them! Has this happened to any of you before and how did you get around it? I tried calling the store but they’re closed on Sundays. Also, the websites say they’re closed for a holiday on August 1 (Monday). There’s only one pair left and I’m so worried I won’t be able to get them.

UPDATE 2: I DID IT! I bought them in the Christian Louboutin Store in Rome during the European portion of my honeymoon! Watch me on my luxury shopping haul and please subscribe if you can! Thanks so much Rugged Glam-ers and ENJOY!


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