The Case for Cat Cases =^..^=

Good Meowning Rugged Glam Cat Lovers!

This week’s cat post is all about cat cases! I’d like to make a case for why all cat-lovers should be carrying smartphones with cats on them. You see, when we are owned by cats, we are expected to become Cat Ambassadors… this means, spread viral images of cats to all those around us – whether on the subway to work, running errands, or rushing through airports to globe trot. Wherever your daily routine takes you, your smartphone should be adorned with adorable cats! That way, when you tilt your head and angle your smartphone camera just right for the purrfect selfie, all those in your surroundings will notice your feline fabulosity!

Here are my latest favs at a bargain price!

Skinny Dip Cat Faces iPhone 7 Case

The Skinny Dip Faces iPhone 7 Case for sale at Nordstrom. Retail price: $20, but it’s on sale for $11.98! You can purchase this adorapurr case by clicking here!

I like the Skinny Dip case because it’s pretty “subtle” … although “subtle” is a very subjective term when it comes to cat-lovers…. If you are looking for something that howls out “CATS RULE”, look no further than the Dsquared2 Cat iPhone case!

Dsquared2 iPhone case

I found the Dsquared “2” in Red and Blush!

Dsquared2 iPhone Case

I found the Dsquared cases at Farfetch and you can purchase them by clicking here (RED VERSION) and here (BLUSH VERSION).

Happy selfie-ing Rugged Glam-ers! #represent #catlover #catsrule xoxo

Much Love,



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