My Irresistible Classe Hot 100 Cassis | Hottest Heels in my Collection!

HOLY MOLY!!!!! Have you seen Christian Louboutin’s latest thigh-high boots?! I just came across Classe Hot 100 Cassis Leather Boots on the Christian Louboutin website and my heart sizzled! I COULD NOT resist! I just ordered them and CANNOT wait to receive them… I think they’ll outrank all my heels and rank the HOTTEST in my Louboutin…. no, wait…. the HOTTEST in my ENTIRE SHOE collection!

My latest addition! I love the mirrored, glossy leather…

Fit: While the CL website says to get it in true to size Italian, they say that to most of their heels and I found that they look like the Fifi Botta cut (with the vitish heel) so I ordered them in a 1/2 size smaller than my so kate size. They have the same length and style of the Louise XI Thigh High Boots too (SEXY!!!!!), except these are mirrored leather vs the Louise’s traditional leathers …..

Louboutin Louise XI 120mm

I don’t know if that will help anyone but I’ll be happy to update and do a review once I try them out if that will help.

The cut looks like the Fifi Botta…. of course these are thigh highs though!

I ordered them in the violet color because purple is my favorite color and I LOVE the contrast of the dark purple / violet and red….

Louboutin calls the “Classe Hot” a “class of her own”.

The Classe Hot is also available in the beautiful Rose color too…. It all comes down to your personal preference…. one thing is for sure though – these boots are IRRESISTIBLE and any Rugged Glam-er will be in them too!

Rose Color in 100mm (~4 inches)

These erotic beauties are thigh-highs and in my case will fit mid-thigh… just perfect!

I’m so excited to share it with you and if you like this style, I recommend you get a pair in your size before they sell out (I’ve had that happen with the Lola Montes 140mm Cutout (Loubis Angels) boots and it became impossible to get my hands on a pair since….. not to mention the ONE pair I did find had doubled in price for a USED pair on eBay….no thank you). I didn’t want that to happen again so I bought Classe Hot without hesitation…

Lola Montes 140mm Cutout (Loubis Angels Boots)

Pricing: The Classe Hot are VERY well priced for what you get…. most Christian Louboutin thigh high boots run in the $2500 and above price range…. The Classe Hot took me by surprise at nearly HALF that – they retail for $1495 and you can purchase these directly on the Louboutin Website by clicking HERE.

These scream confident, sexy Rugged Glam-er!!! If you’re tempted to get them, don’t hesitate! 

Much Love,



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