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Hello feline-loving furriends! I’m gonna jump right into it and tell you all about a cool new accessory that your cat – and wallet – will approve of!

The Kate Spade Leo Phone Pocket is super cool – and affordable! It’s trendy leopard print is eye catching but not overwhelming! It fits various iPhone versions (i.e. 7, 8) and maybe even android phones (but double check on that if that’s what you’re carrying).

Here are the specs:

It retails for $38 but you can find it on sale on several websites (be sure to check Amazon for killer savings!)… if you can’t find a mega deal, Saks has it on sale ($10off) for $28…. but i’m pretty sure Amazon is cheaper.

I love it, and so does my cat. I picked the pocket version rather than the full sleeve. It looks cool with the silver and black phone versions. But be sure not to let your cat tap it off the kitchen counter (I’m pretty sure ALL cats do that, right?) because it won’t have the same type of protection as the full covers!

Kate Spade Leo Phone Pocket

It comes in several versions if you want to cover the entire phone, below are some options… Sorry Cat! You aren’t cracking my phone screen today!

Full Sleeve Version

And if you REALLY think your sweet kitty will still try to find a way to drop your phone from new heights, than purrhaps this phone case is the right choice for you!

Kate Spade Full Leopard iPhone case Version

Have a great weekend Rugged Glam-ers! It’s almost the weekend and I especially hope you’ll spend your Caturday with your sweet kitty/s!

Much Love,



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