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Hi Rugged Glam-ers! You know when you’re skimming through pinterest, adding photos of perfect beach waves and shiny locks to your #hairspiration board? Well that’s me. ALL THE TIME! Let’s be real though, is that EVER how I end up looking? Hell no! My fine hair can never hold a curl, and what starts out as potentially promising ends up looking like a frizzy mess by the end of the day…. especially in this Middle Eastern humidity!

As much as I complain, I assure you, you still have no idea how challenged I am when it comes to doing my own hair! Really…. what should take me 10 minutes ends up taking 40 – usually on the busiest of days – and the hand cramps I’m left with leave me cursing out any hair appliance I’m using!  That pretty much “wraps” up my hair ….

Alas! I am here to tell you my #hairspiration goals may finally be achievable! I just ordered the #Dyson #Airwrap ….. YA baby! I saw it pop up on my Neiman Marcus suggestions and I was like…. wait WHAT IS THIS! An all in one tool from Dyson! YES, I want this! (Note: I never got hyped about the Dyson blow dryer that came out a couple years ago as it still required the same hairstyling techniques and tools as the others, the only upside was the speed at which the hair dried. This however, comes with all the tools and is ALL IN ONE!

This device claims it is for frizz-prone hair! PERFECT for anyone living in a humid environment like me!

So I will be reviewing it very soon on my YouTube channel…. check that out and follow if you haven’t already…. But here are some #tips that I used to get a #discount equivalent to an awesome #promocode, because you ALL know, I LOVE A DEAL!

You all know I love a discount, so I wanted to find the best available one for this product (and still get it in a reasonable timeframe!)…. Here is what I did: I had my husband sign up for an account on Neiman Marcus – that costs nothing. It’s not the credit card, it is actually just to sign up for the email list which he has never done. When he got the promo code (He received a unique code for 15% off his first order)…. The beneficiary? MOI! He placed the order for me and in turn I got the discounted offer. It immediately knocked $75 off the cost of this highly coveted appliance.

Okay so I am mildly satisfied with $75 off…. I thought, even around Christmas shopping season, you probably won’t get much more off the appliance then, so why wait until then. Anyway, I am sure you other bargain shoppers will understand my reasoning here…. especially as this baby cost $499.

Once I receive the product, I’ll unbox it and try it out with you all so stay tuned for those first impressions and review …. PS – I’ve watched every review out there so far and so I have high hopes for this product. It’ll arrive by 10/22 so really soon! Here are my hopes (and past experiences with Dyson):

1 – It’ll cut my hairstyling time down.

2- It’ll eliminate any hand muscle cramps, gloves, burns, additional tools needed since it’s all in one!

3- It will look esthetically pleasing on my vanity – no wires all over the place, no hair dryers, flat irons, and curling wands scattered here, there, and everywhere!

This beautiful cognac storage case eliminates the look of clutter, wires, and mismatched tools everywhere!

4- If it’s anything like my Dyson Ball Animal 2 …. AND….. Dyson Cordless Animal Stick (yes we have both), which I use religiously and am super pleased with…. then I’ll be equally pleased with this bad boy!

5- It appears pretty “fool proof” if you know what I mean – it has arrows pointing in the curl direction, it sucks in all the strands, it will hopefully be able to hold up a curl and give me the perfect blow out!

6- It’ll keep my hair healthy! Let’s be real… I have damaged the ends of my hair, even by using heat protection products, just because of the intense heat applied to my lovely locks. This will monitor heat levels to ensure you don’t accidentally fry your hair – in fact, it claims you don’t even need a heat protectant since it’s all in the technology!

So be sure to follow this post and I’ll give you my honest review about this product. One thing I am a little weary of is that all the reviews that have been put up so far (with the exception of 2 that I found) have been sponsored/paid for by Dyson. While I still think the reviews are honest, I do think it is a very different viewpoint that one offers when they pay for it themselves and look at it from a much more “this just made a dent in my wallet perspective”.

Thanks for checking out this review and I’ll keep you posted as soon as I get it! If you’re looking to purchase this, I got mine off of Neiman Marcus here. There are three options in total to choose from so pick the “bundle” best suited for your hair needs. All options can be found here.


Much Love,



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