How I Prevented My Feet From Growing During Pregnancy!

Welcome back Rugged Glam-ers!

Thank you all for your kind words and well wishes during my “off time” from my blog! To update you, I had a beautiful son (8lb 10oz after 18.5 hrs in labor and a natural, epidural-free and pitocin-free delivery which is JUST what I wanted!!!)…. Hubby and I are so delighted to have this bundle of joy in our lives! We are loving all aspects of parenthood – and yes – even the late night diaper changes!

My life has definitely changed, but my love for luxury heels has not! I did have the scare of my life though when I no longer could fit into my gorgeous designer heels! Apparently no one warned me that by week 12 of my pregnancy, I’d no longer fit into over half of my heels! WTH?!?!?!! As I researched buried articles and forums online, all I came across was advice to not invest in expensive heels until AFTER you’re done having kids! Now I don’t know about you, but I never came across such advice until I was scavenging the internet for an explanation as to what the hell was happening to my feet ballooning out of my once sexy, strappy heels! – or even worse, not squeezing in AT ALL!!!!

Word on the “cyber street” was that you go up a size per child! Well, in a moment of panic, I did what any Rugged Glam-er would do in that situation! I got on Amazon and invested in every plantar fasciitis product, massage roller, arch support, and dozens of other gimmicky products that would prevent my feet from “flattening out like pancakes!”…

I don’t know if this is science or not…. but I will gladly share what worked for me:

  1. I bought insoles that I put into my shoes for the remaining 9 months DAILY! I didn’t skip this step anytime of the day. Even while washing the dishes at home, I’d slide these into my sneakers to ensure my arch remained high and didn’t collapse. (Again, no idea if this is science, but in my head, that’s what I envisioned the extra weight would do to my high arches!) I personally used the “Walkfit” kind (these are the ones I got), and while they say to work your way up to the highest arch, I immediately used the highest arch with “my foot support device”… aka orthotic.
  2. Second, I used a foot cushion under my desk…. the key was to never let my feet just sit flat! The one I used is found here.
  3. I used a foot roller and ball at my desk, and while lounging around watching T.V., etc.

There were a few heels I still managed to squeeze into during the pregnancy, but generally speaking, the majority of my collection was off bounds! Which brings me to my last bullet…. #4!

4. PATIENCE! As it turns out, I was sitting in my office one afternoon at 3 months postpartum, staring at my “Wall of Heels” and wondering if my investments have gone down the drain…. A pair of Christian Louboutins that I purchased just before I realized my feet would outgrow them were in my direct line of site! I tried them on, not expecting much, and VOILA!!!! My foot slipped right into those gorgeous girls like Cinderella’s slipper!

The last pair of Louboutins I purchased are these Sequined So Kates before the “Battle of the Bulge”!

And there you have it! If you have any questions, let me know, but I wanted to let YOU know my experience (if you’re reading this post, I expect you are at the same moment of “freak out” and “flip out” that I was in when I first discovered my feet could “jam no more”)!

DISCLAIMER: It goes without saying that this isn’t a medical opinion, or advice (always consult your doctor!)….

But hopefully you’ll have the same experience I did… and until that moment of bliss comes, just focus on a happy, healthy pregnancy! I will have my fingers crossed for you that you too will rock a sexy pair of heels as you push your baby in their stroller soon!

Much Love and XOXO’s,



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