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Hi Rugged Glam-ers!

I hadn’t been planning to make any luxury purchases recently, let alone any hauls, until I got a pretty good coupon code sent to me from Saks Fifth Avenue! The code SPRING18 provides $300 dollars off of a $1200 dollar purchase! Not bad! So one item I have been wishing for in my handbag collection – is the YSL Lou Lou small leather backpack in the pale rose color!

Pale Rose LouLou

I had her in my cart – ready to go – with a lovely $300 off and LIKE THAT it sold out! WTH?! I was pissed! You know the feeling! Denial, determination and adrenalin are NOT a good combination! So I called up Saks in a frenzy and waited 2 seconds for their customer service to reply – SUPER SERVICE! I had a very sweet sales associate helping me on the line and she says to me, “Don’t worry! I’ll find one for you!”…. AND SHE DID! Unfortunately, it was in a store in Michigan so I ask her to apply the two coupon codes I have : FREESHIP and SPRING18 … Sadly, I learned that those are only “online codes” and I’d have to “pay the full retail price for it if I wanted it.” Alas, I was sad stricken. I thanked her for her help and passed on the opportunity (because l I HATE paying retail price unless).

So what did I do? Not the wisest thing of course, but I got back online and ordered it in black (even though I already have the Chloe Faye Medium Backpack in Black which is why I wanted the pale rose color); I checked out with the black version and I was content (END OF PART 1). Scroll down for the sequel!!!

YSL Lou Lou Backpack in Black

Here are the specs:

CONTINUED – PART 2: I still couldn’t shake off wanting YSL in Pale Rose! So I decided to reuse the coupon code again and browsed other Saint Laurent handbags, only to find they had the LouLou Toy Bag in that color (even though she’s a toy bag, the size is great and it’s very roomy!) …

Lou Lou Toy Bag in Pale Pink (YSL)

Here are the specs:

So my Rugged Glam Besties, I went from nearly buying one backpack in rose, to buying a backpack in black and a handbag in rose. Like I said, it’s not the most logical of choices (to a non-handbag addict)… but for me, I’m content with the fact I have two new handbags on the way and got $600 off in total (note I was short $10 for the 300 dollar discount deal in my cart, so I added a cheap pair of flip flops to my cart to get it up to the maximum savings value!)

I love the size of the Lou Lou Toy Bag – it’s much larger than most toy bags (Photo Source MatchesFashion)I

I confess, I am the EXACT customer type Saks Fifth Avenue and other major department stores are hoping for.

Saks, if you’re listening, congratulations as you know how to get a #luxury #addict like me hooked and in my opinion, ALL your strategic planners deserve a bonus this month!!!

My happiness scale: 9/10 (if it ever arrives!)!!!  Why am I dropping it down a point you wonder? Because, while I love and use FedEx (AIR!), I simply cannot stand their snail mail service, aka Fedex Smart Post! It is soo SLOW!!! If i knew that’s what they were going to use, I would have selected a faster service! USPS gets any shipment to me in 3 business days! But Fedex Smart Post takes nearly 10 days?! They claim 2-7 business days on the website but my shipment shows arrival 10 days from the date I ordered it (maybe they didn’t include weekends). Seriously though, what the heck is up with that???

And WHY are established department stores even utilizing this service (even if I did use a free shipping coupon code) when I’m spending SO much to buy merchandise from that store?! I don’t know, but in my humble business opinion, I just think that is way too long to wait for a shipment when speedier options are available. I just wish FedEx Smartpost would speed up their service a bit… I get it if you’re shipping to an APO or PO Box – you need that option – but why not just stick to USPS and get it there light years faster? Just a thought…

I’ll review the Saint Laurent bags as part of my #BringYourBagToWorkDay and #100DaysOfBags as soon as I get them, so stay tuned for that!

Thanks for stopping by Rugged Glam-ers and have a great week ahead! I will be counting the days for my bags to finally arrive!

Much Love,



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