What The Feather?! Saint Laurent Talitha Feather Heels | Review

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Here I was shopping online on a lazy Saturday afternoon and was feeling very blasé as I scrolled through designer heel styles and new mid-calf fashion. Most of what I saw featured classic pumps and gladiator style designs, open toe booties, etc…. and then, like a jolt of static shock on a dry, winter day, I was interrupted by Saint Laurent’s latest heels! WTF was that?!!!!?! the “F”, my loves, was a FEATHER!

At first I didn’t know what to make of it! I was too distracted by the feathers to be able to think of how I’d wear these heels! But the more I marvelled, the more I realized I would LOVVVVVEEE to own this pump!

These feathers reach new heights.  I think there is something so erotic about black feathers running up the leg.

Saint Laurent Talitha Feather Ankle Strap Sandals

I think the femininity of the feather is soft and playful, but juxtaposed by the alpha, power-bearing, “don’t mess with me” pointy toe box.

Saint Laurent Talitha Feather Sandal Toe Box

This Saint Laurent sandal is a perfect juxtaposition of feminine and fierce! It is an “in your face” power play,  for whoever wears these fabulous feathers is surely a confident, power-bearing, sexy girl (or guy!). The feathers are tickling my inner desires – to want to OWN these heels! And it is now taunting me! Begging me to buy this bold, statement piece!

Saint Laurent Talitha Feather Pump Back View

The fashion-forward heel itself is a finely constructed, architectural piece of art at a very comfortable height of 105mm (about 4 inches)! Below is a bird’s eye view of the heel. Just picture your finally polished feet in these beauties! I also love the strappy design on them too!

Bird’s Eye View of the Saint Laurent Talitha Feather Heels!

Wow Saint Laurent, I truly never knew feathers could do so much to me!  Husband, if you’re reading this, take note!

At the beginning of this post, I doubted I would buy them due to the hefty $1295 price, but by the end of this post, my verdict is: I just LOVE them! And YES I want them, and YES I’ll probably end up buying them! Unfortunately it’s still on pre-order and won’t ship until MAY!!! OH MAY, why are you so far away?! Until then, I’ll just continue to dream of being in these beauties!

Sizes are running out so if you are seeking to buy them, do it asap or they might sell out of your size is my advice! I usually need a 40.5 in Saint Laurent (9.5 US equivalent)…. I’m hoping the size 40 will fit okay and will update you once I can try them on!

In terms of composition, the leather used is goatskin and the feathers are ostrich feathers.

If you’re interested in getting it in the white feather version, you can do that on Bergdorf Goodman HERE or directly on YSL by clicking HERE.

Saint Laurent in White Feathers.

You can buy the black version directly from YSL by clicking HERE or via Saks Fifth Avenue by clicking HERE

AND, if you do buy them (or if you’re so lucky as to already have them), please do share it with the community by tagging #RuggedGlam or #100DaysOfHeels !

I managed of find a couple pics online of the lucky few that have already managed to try these on!

Runway Shot: Photo credit: LUISAVIAROMA.COM via Modesens
Runway Shot: Photo credit: LUISAVIAROMA.COM via Modesens

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