My New Christian Louboutin Cabata Tote

For almost 3 years, I had been eyeing the Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Nappa Tote (runs $3950 before tax). I loved its size, shape, the open, easily accessible interior and knew eventually I would cave if BV ever came out with it in a black patent leather! I wanted the bag for my travels, running errands, filling it up with small packages I’d mail out, even going to the gym – I love it for its elegance, style and roominess!!!

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BV says “the intrecciato nappa tote has a boxy feel to it, and though it has no internal structure, it holds its shape well due in part to a seamless construction and wide-length clasp in the center that pulls the side-body in. Comes with smooth leather handles with adjustable buckles, internal zip pocket and cell phone holder.”


Well……. I just came across a bag that meets all my expectations which may have made me forget about my love for the BV tote! (ANDDDDD IT IS WAY MORE AFFORDABLE! – $1350 after tax!)

It is the Christian Louboutin Cabata Tote Bag! It is an exclusive and elegant, roomy tote made of black patent leather with the signature Loubi Red interior. The other detail that REALLY sold me (in addition to the glossy patent leather) is the spikes on the handles. That is a true Rugged Glam style and as you all know by now, spikes are a Rugged Glam-ers weakness! I haven’t received it yet, but it just shipped from the store and it is on its way to me! I can’t wait to get it.

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Check it out – it’s super roomy and is almost the same size as my beloved BV Intrecciato Nappa Tote. I did buy it as a gift to myself. I like to mark moments in my life with items that I can associate with that event/milestone, etc. 

I am on to a business idea…. one that is very RUGGED GLAM… and one that I will share with you all by the end of the year if all goes according to plan. I picture myself running around town & working on getting it done while carrying my new Loubi Tote – ahhhhhh JUST what I need to keep my eye on the target! I also plan to take a trip to Europe this summer for my husband’s birthday and think it will be the perfect travel tote too!

I’ll post a follow up review of the Louboutin Cabata Tote Bag after I receive it. But I do want to say that if you are coveting any purse/tote/bag, if you have the money saved, and if you buy  items meaningfully, then it is worth treating yourself.

Happy shopping Rugged Glam-ers!

Much Love,




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