Weekly Cat Loves! 6/10/16

OMC RUGGED GLAM-ers! How cute are these bird feeders?! Nothing completes a garden like songbirds singing! We have come to love all the birds in our garden – even the damn grackles that fight with all the other birds! We have so many beautiful birds come through our yard because of the delicious seeds we put out for them. The birds in our yard have learned that every morning, my husband or I will go out to put birdseed in the feeders for them. They wait patiently and fly over to us before we even finish filling the feeders… that’s how much they trust us!

We have some birds that just pass through – like the migratory birds; and, some others that have extended families that stay with us all year – like the cardinals. The first cardinal we befriended is “Big Red”.  We’d listen to his beautiful song every morning, trying to attract a mate. Eventually he did and they had a nice big family which has grown significantly over the past few years. We call them the “Red Family”. The Reds have many grandchildren now – all of whom live in our yard and we love to see younglings in our garden, learning to fly and singing a song of their own now too!

We have an enclosed “Catio” which Monty loves to hang out in and watch (and sometimes yell) at the birds. Oh Nature, we love you!


Anyway, now that you have the background on our “Birds in the Garden” situation, I’d like to share my Weekly Cat Loves with you!


This one looks just like “Big Red”! It is made by the Amish – therefore VERY durable and Made in America! It is sold by Dutchcrafters.  You can choose from several bird styles.

Bird Styles Available:
Blue Jay
Cardinal (Pictured)

The cost is $40 and they are are sold on Dutchcrafters. Click HERE to purchase.


Real talk! This feeder is so cute because it looks just like my cat Junior! I’ll definitely purchase it. You can also purchase it for $52 by clicking HERE.

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This acrylic cat bird feeder is similar to an acrylic one we already own with a one way mirror. However, I was reading the reviews and some said it doesn’t come with a mirrored interior so the bird can see through it (leaving the reflective interior off defeats the purpose in my opinion). Even though I find it looks cute, if it indeed doesn’t have a reflection built in, I doubt the birds will risk feeding from it in our garden because our cat will terrify them! Nonetheless, I will include the link in case you have a solution to it and wish to purchase it. You can purchase it for $19.99 on Wind & Weather by clicking HERE.

If you don’t want to risk it not having a one way reflective mirror on it,  then I suggest the one way mirror bird-feeder, sold for $38.95 on Amazon. You can purchase it HERE.

Enjoy this beautiful summer season Rugged Glam-ers. If you don’t have a feeder, they’re so easy to put up, you won’t regret it! If you live in an apartment, consider an acrylic one like the above that you can stick on the window. As for me, I look forward to my trips home from my work overseas because I live in a high rise apartment – too high to install any of these. I  do get to hear the birds each day though while FaceTiming with my hubby.

Take it from someone who misses it more than anything: Nothing is nicer than the sounds and sitings of birds! They will appreciate you and more importantly, YOU will appreciate them!

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