My 2nd Louboutin Vitish Boot! | Red Carmin Suede | A Timeless Winter Boot

I’m weak, Rugged Glam-ers… I’m weak and I effin’ know it….ahhhhh I can’t resist Loubis, especially when they come in a sexy red boot, hehe! If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I have the Vitish Boots in black. Well, after I got back from Italy, I thought there would be no harm in getting on the Christian Louboutin website to see “What’s New”. Time froze when I saw the Vitish Boot has come out in Red Suede!

Christian Louboutin Vitish Boot

When I purchased my first Vitish Boot, I pre-ordered it on Neiman Marcus website because it wasn’t at the Loubi online store yet! To my delight, they had it in RED when I got back and, while I hesitated for a moment because I already own it in black, I knew I had to move fast. Size 41 was sold out and 40.5 was the LAST PAIR!  What is it with me and getting the last pairs?!!!!

Well, I caved as I always do in the face of Red Bottoms. All I could think of was the fashion statement this hella sexy ass boots will make.  So I quickly logged in and bought them! Sure enough, they’re now sold out in my size!  bwaahahahahaaaaa!!!!

The same attributes that I fell in love with on the black Vitish Boots (see my blog post on the Vitish Boots in Black HERE) are what I love in the Red:

  1. The curved heel.

Christian Louboutin Vitish Side View

2.  The asymmetric topline (I noticed they are the same asymmetric top as my Egoutina Flat Boot).

Christian Louboutin Vitish Back View

3. The classic, timeless knee-high look and of course, the RED HOT BOTTOMS.

If I had one wish? It would be for them to be in 120mm. These are just short of that at 100mm – but still hella sexy. I’ll do a Louboutin Look Book soon with all my Loubis so let me know what you’d like to see me in most! I’ll also update you all with a review on these boots once I get them too – to cover on sizing, comfort, etc. Being that they’re in suede though, they’re easier to stretch, so you can usually go down 1/2 size smaller than your TTS Italian comfortably. I am aware though that they’ll probably be a little tight around the calf because they have the same shape and circumference as the Egoutina Boot on top.

My advice, if you are thinking of getting these oh-so-sexy boots (finances permitting – these will set you back $1395 before tax), don’t hesitate! They’re selling out this fast for a REASON – EVERYONE WANTS THEM THIS SEASON!!! (Yes, I worked hard on that, lol). They’re also timeless additions to your luxury collection and closet. Knee-high boots are timeless and you’ll be able to wear these through many seasons to come.

Some others I’m eyeing are the Victorina Pumps (they just came out in 120mm in black, but I’m waiting for it to be released in Red) and the Muchapump – also in 120mm. Those run for 895 and 1095 respectively but I wasn’t ready to drop that kind of dough yet on pumps that I’m on the fence about since I did just get back from a shopping spree in Italy. I am being responsible *GRIN*. They’re also not one short of selling out, so I don’t feel a sense of urgency like I felt with the Vitish Boots!

Christian Louboutin Victorina 120mm Christian Louboutin Muchapump 120mm

You can purchase the Vitish Boot by clicking HERE, the Victorina Pump HERE and the Muchapump by HERE.

Love you all and thanks for stopping by! Happy Shopping Rugged Glam-ers!





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