Christian Louboutin Follies Cabo Pumps – Review

I thought I’d do a review on my Christian Louboutin Follies Cabo Pumps to help out any Rugged Glam-ers who may be considering purchasing these heels. These are one of the most comfortable and trendy Louboutins I own.

I purchased the Cabo Pumps in a 120mm heel height. By now you know that my I believe that the higher the heel, the more appealing it is to myself and my fellow Rugged Glam-ers!  120mm heel height equates to approximately 5 inches. The heel itself is thin and sexy which is tapered from Louboutin’s signature curve at the top. The gold stands out very nicely against Louboutin’s Red Bottoms. I also LOVE gold and black color combinations and feel it looks so classy.


The pumps are made out of a very soft kid leather and come in black.  They’re also available in a suede bordeaux (wine) color with colored spikes.


The studs on the heels are black in a gold setting – they feel like glass (possibly polished acrylic) beads and are sturdy on the heels (unlike with Louboutin spikes where you really need to watch out for brushing up against anything because it could cause spikes to fall out). The cabo follies studs are rounded and very smooth.


The shoe cleavage is very nice on these heels. The toe box is shaped similar to the Pigalle Follies. It is great for someone with a wider foot because the toe box has a wider width cut (and a shorter length).



Fit: These heels are true to size. For all the Rugged Glam-ers who like to break in their heels for the “perfect” fit, you could easily go down half a size because the kid leather is very soft and it would break in easily.

Comfort: These are a definite 10 out of 10 in terms of comfort! I could walk around in these for hours!  If you aren’t comfortable in 120mm (5inches), you can also find these in 100mm (4 inches).

Cost: They retail for $1395 but you could find them below retail price by shopping around (be sure to check that the seller is a reputable seller. If purchasing second hand, you can have the heels authenticated prior to completing your purchase). If you don’t mind paying full price, you can purchase them via Net-A-Porter HERE. This is one of the few retailers who still have these gorgeous heels in stock.


If you want to complete the set, the matching clutch is very pretty too. I haven’t purchased it myself but I did notice it online and thought it was cute. I love when studs and bows are paired together and this Christian Louboutin clutch does exactly that!


I have put together a video review of the Cabo Follies vs the Pigalle Follies…. I hope it will help you decide on your purchase. Please like/share/subscribe to my channel to help me grow. Thank you so much! xoxo

I hope this review is helpful to all you Rugged Glam-ers! Thank you for stopping by and please help me grow by sharing/liking with others!

Happy shopping Rugged Glam-ers!

Much Love,



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