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Yes, I am GYMSPIRED at the thought of me in a bikini in Santorini and Mykonos this summer. But I will be carrying a few pieces that will motivate me to hit the gym too.

Rugged Glam-ers, we are very health conscious… We like to look good on the outside, just as we feel on the inside. That is why we should hit the gym carrying kick ass bags that inspire us to achieve a killer workout!

Here are the bags Rugged Glam-ers will be carrying to the gym in 2017 that made my cut:

1. Celine Phantom. I love everything about this bag – esthetically speaking that is.

Celine Phantom

However, it’s functionality has not been so great to carry to the office (as originally intended) because of the open top and weight. The zipper in the front is more esthetic than it is functional too. So I started using my Reed Krakoff “Gym Satchel 1” instead which I love for lugging my laptop/agenda/etc to the office!  (Ironically, the Reed Krakoff Gym Bag is meant to be used for the gym, but I didn’t feel it was large enough to fit my gym essentials… I carry the Reed Krakoff Gym 1 to work almost every day)….

Reed Krakoff Gym 1 Satchel in Black and Gold.

So what to do with the Celine Phantom that is taking up way too much closet space? It would make a perfect gym bag! A Phantom overflowing with workout clothes/gear actually looks pretty awesome!

Example of Celine Phantom as a Gym Bag.
Example of Celine Phantom as a Gym Bag.

2. Lanvin Bowling Bag. I love carrying this duffle around to the gym – and as you can tell I’ve over used and abused it. It is quite small but you can fit your trainers, a water bottle, small towel, iPod, phone, gadgets, etc in.

Lanvin Bowling Bag in Pink.
Lanvin Bowling Bag

3. Coach Gym Bag. I just purchased the Coach Perforated Gym Bag Duffle in chalk/black. I haven’t tried it out YET because I plan to do an unboxing video of it…. but I love the color and it’s much larger than my Lanvin Duffle so it can be used to comfortably fit boxing gloves in, for example).

Coach gymbag in chalk / black. ©RuggedGlam

I’ll write a gadgets/tech post later this month on the items i’m trying out to help me reach my workout goals too. From a fashion standpoint though – one thing is for sure: These bags will GLAM up any look ahead of a RUGGED workout at the gym.

I’d love to know what YOUR gym goals are! And what are the bags you are carrying your workout gear in?

Happy Working Out Rugged Glam-ers!

Much Love,



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