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Hello my dear friends! I’m here to talk about my latest Louboutin acquisition – and that is the GOR-to-the-GEOUS Louboutin Marellaski Faux Fur Sneakers! They are SO stylish and trendy, and I can’t get enough of them!

Loboutins Describes on the Website: Inspired by the ski and the slopes, Christian Louboutin’s Marellaski is the winter version of runners. Donning gorgeous black faux fur trim at the lining and tongue, the sneaker has traded traditional laces for the tonal crepe satin scarf found on warmer models like Sandal du Desert and laced through exaggerated eyelets. Layered up in fashion featuring materials such as black patent leather, Glitter Tennis and accents of silvery Glitter Mini, each pair is set on an outsole that required two years of intensive design and development work and fitted with cushions at the toe and heel for maximum comfort. The notches ensure suppleness and movement. Breaking with the codes of traditional running shoes, the model extends to a high top silhouette warming the ankle with its ribbed trim detail.

First, the appearance….. they black patent, white rubber soles and signature RED BOTTOMS looks so contrasted against one another that it just POPS out at you! They scream out “feminine, chic, classy, and trendy” all at once! The ribbon (same ribbon used in the Sandale Du Desert) feels so girly. The bulky soles say your personality is GRANDE! And the black patent, with crushed diamond-dust-looking sparkle accents says you are “off the charts” glam!…. Yet, all these gorgeous features are done so tastefully, nothing too overstated (except for the Red Soles of course!), so it looks effortless in every way!

The downside imo is the weight. These must come in at at least 2 pounds each – so make sure you get your SIZE RIGHT! This brings me to my next point….

SIZING: Originally I was unsure whether I should purchase them in my so kate size (41) or my pigalle size (40.5)…. I have the louis junior sneakers in a 41 and wished I had purchased them a half size smaller… so in the case of the Marellaski, I purchased them in the 40.5 …. WELL, let me tell you .

My initial thought was that I wished I had gone with a 41, mainly because I felt my toes reached the very tip of the shoe…. However, I then started to think about my experience with my other Loubi Sneakers and have decided that 40.5 is the perfect fit; and I would therefore suggest you get it a half-size smaller than your So Kate size. Here is why: The weight of the sneaker is so heavy that if you wear them – even a half size larger – they’ll end up sliding off the back of your feet (and lead to burning BLISTERS – who wants that?!)…. I do think that these will break in, mostly due to the patent leather, and conform to my foot shape. The worst feeling in the world is having your sneakers feel like they’re sliding off of you. Therefore, 40.5 is the PERFECT fit. (note: review based on me wearing these with socks).

I hope that helps in terms of fit. Now in terms of how to wear….

Style them with a sweater dress, any (casual) above the knee skirt, leather shorts (great fall transition), cargo skirts/shorts, your trainers of course, leggings, and of course any denim (pants, skirt, dress)…. Because they are sneakers, they will be more limiting with your outfit choices, but as you can see from my suggestions, there are still plenty of ways you’d be able to rock these (faux) furry babies!

Image credit: Neiman Marcus

Oh and about that fur…. I have to say that it is SOOOO SOFT! I absolutely love how soft the faux fur is and it reminded me a lot of the same faux fur used in the Tom Ford Natalia Fur Bag that I also love so much. You can hardly tell it’s not real from the way it feels! Also, the shoes across the board are soft and smooth. I thought the material along the glittered panel would be course, but on the contrary, it is extremely smooth!

The price tag certainly hurts…. They’ll get your raking out $1495 before tax! But if you’re a savvy shopper like me, you’ll manage to use those gift cards you’ve been saving up towards your purchase! (I’ll do a follow up on how I afford luxury at a later date – as I RARELY pay full price!)… Here is a link to the shoes if you are planning to purchase them – HERE.

I have to tell you all though – these are selling out quickly and I’ve only seen them on Neiman Marcus and the Louboutin Boutique so far…. If you’re on the fence on whether or not to buy them, I say make a decision ASAP cuz they’re already nearly SOLD OUT in the larger sizes!

Hope this review helps you all Rugged Glam-ers! If you have any questions, leave them below or on my social media!

Happy Fall Shopping and My Love to you ALL!

Love, RGxx


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