Louboutin Dorispiky / Dorissima 120mm Sizing and Fit

I added a new pair of Christian Louboutins spikes to my Rugged Glam collection today. The Dorispiky 120mm in black kid leather with silver spikes is my latest acquisition. I have been waiting for this heel to come out in black and Louboutin just released it in this color (they have it in White kid leather, Dark Blue kid leather and Patent Leather Leopard Print).

Christian Louboutin Dorispiky 120mm
Dorisipiky’s matching purse.
I love the contrast on the back of the Dorispky. I purchased in the 120mm because I adore high, thin, sexy heels like this.

For all Louboutin newbies out there, I’ll be writing a post on sizing for you as a guide because I too had a lot of trouble figuring out my size in his shoes when I was shopping for Louboutins.

Remember this: In most Italian-made luxury shoes, you’ll want to go UP an entire size from most “entry level heels” as I call them…those are the Aldos, Nine Wests, etc….. I will use Nine West sizes as a gauge because almost everyone has owned a pair of Nine West Heels before they could afford the luxury brands! So consider this as a general rule of thumb on sizing:

So if you are a size 9 in Nine West heels, then you are between a size 40 to 41 in Louboutins – in most cases! I have a few pairs of his sandals and open toes like the Bikee spikes (see previous post), and I got those in a 40 to 40.5 .

In SOME cases, you will even go up a size and half as I had to with the patent Hot Chicks in 130mm . I know it’s crazy to think how much you have to go up in sizes but Italian sizing is very small compared to US sizing. In fact, I even wear a 8.5 in wider adidas sneakers – but with sky high Italian heels (most of my heels are at least 120mm), than you need to go up dramatically.

Dorispiky’s almond toe box is short and narrow. Keep that in mind when sizing.

I remember being a Barneys purchasing designer heels and I embarrassingly kept asking for a larger and larger and larger size until I finally got it right! Even then – like i said – it changes from one style to another.

I will also do a piece on pre-2013 Louboutin sizing and Post-2013 Louboutin sizing because there is a difference in some of his styles.

Lastly, I may have mentioned this above – but I prefer going up a size and wearing Louboutins comfortably rather than having them squeeze the hell out of my toes and waiting to break them in or trying hair dryer tricks to loosen them up.

I hope this helps. Remember also, this is only for Louboutins. Many other Italian made shoes that I own are very different in terms of sizing. For example, my Yves Saint Laurent heels are mostly a 39. I’ll do a review on sizing for most shoes in my Rugged Glam collection soon.

I know it can be very confusing and you aren’t always able to try the shoes on before purchasing so researching is important, so feel free to ask me about sizing for heels and if I can help you with guidance based on my experience,  I’ll be happy to do that for my Rugged Glam-ers out there!

I’m also including my video review of the Dorispiky which I think will be helpful for you to see. Please like/share/subscribe to my channel if you can – it would mean so much!

Thank you for stopping by. Please help me grow my blog by sharing/liking, etc. and please come back and visit again soon! I’ll be posting regularly.

Keep in touch Rugged Glam-ers!

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