Cat On A Hat | Weekly Cat Loves | 9/24/2016

Hello Rugged Glam-ers!

How You Meowin’? This week’s cat loves were unsurprisingly discovered by my kitty cat during his 20 min browsing session between two 3-hour lazy catnaps  Beauty Sleep (edited: 13:01 on 24 September by “The Cat”)! =^..^=

Anyway.. back to the topic at hand – this week’s Weekly Cat Love It is the Charlotte Olympia “Cat On A Hat” feline headpiece. Charlotte Olympia’s website says that the feline headpiece, Cat on a Hat, features “the iconic ‘Kitty’ embroidery and 3D ears… this black felt cocktail hat brings an unforgettable vintage notion to your evening wardrobe.”

Charlotte Olympia Cat On A Hat Will Have You Purring.
Chatlotte Olympia’s Cat On A Hat

My cat couldn’t agree more. He left the Charlotte Olympia page open on my browser – just so he’d be sure I got the hint. Now I just need a cocktail party to wear it too! Or a tea party perhaps? Any reason for me to show off these adorable kitty ears will be welcomed! It’s nice to see my cat and I are seeing eye-to-eye after tensions ran high following the whole Louboutin Alex Lion Paw Print showdown (click HERE) if you didn’t see it already!

However…. the cost. Oh dear @ the cost. Why does it have to be $445 (PRE TAX) for this? I realize it’s probably very well made and doesn’t lack in craftsmanship, style and glamour…. This level of originality and strong fashion statement is hard to argue against….. but for something I might only be able to wear on rare occasions (this doesn’t include playing dress up at home with my cat), than I just can’t justify dropping nearly 500 dollars on the headpiece. I might wait for it to go on sale and try to snatch it then…. Black Friday is not that far away…. sigh.

Charlotte Olympia Cat On A Hat 2
This mannequin show what it would look like on

So while I won’t be purchasing this off that bat, my cat did still feel the need to share this with fellow cat-lovers out there who would be willing to roll out some dough to glamour up with these cute kitty ears!

Happy meowing Rugged Glam-ers!

Much Love,



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