#BringYourBagToWorkDay – Show Me Your Handbag!

Hi Rugged Glam-ers!

I have a VERY exciting new Handbag Tag!

I was sitting at my desk today… full of ambition and doing my thing… I was being a total #GirlBoss . I was contently staring at my newest handbag acquisition: The Chloe Pixie Handbag in Sienna Red – in the medium size which was just big enough to fit my agenda, diary, iPad, and iPhones (with the zipper open of course) into. And then – an idea came across my mind!

#BringYourBagToWorkDay !!! 


#BringYourBagToWorkDay handbag tag by RuggedGlam.com

I was just as excited about carrying my new gorgeous Pixie to work that day as I would have bringing my dog to #BringYourDogToWorkDay or #BringYourPetsToWorkday or #BringYourCatToWorkDay… you get the point !

Chloe Pixie On Her Way To Work for #BringYourBagToWorkDay xoxo

Pixie stole the show just as your pets would have if they got to be your sidekicks for the day! And like that, I realized a good handbag is more than just an accessory or a sidekick; it’s a Woman’s Best Friend!

Pixie and I – besties – enjoying an elevator ride during #BringYourBagToWorkDay

So that was mine for the first day of the “Bring Your Bag To Work Day“. 🙂 I also started the handbag tag of #100DaysOfBags that I am doing so please use either one and/or both for the tag!

All luxury lovers and handbag collectors and fashion bloggers are TAGGED! xoxo

Thanks so much for participating and I can’t wait to see your besties!

Much Love,



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