Are You Addicted to Louboutins? My History with Loubis!

Rugged Glam-ers…. Let’s talk firsts! First Louboutins! First Heel Addictions!

I’ve always loved high heels. I used to sneak into my mom’s closet as a child and try on her Italian designer heels without her knowing. I couldn’t wait until they’d fit me so I could “borrow” them. Sadly, I outgrew her by two sizes and her gorgeous collection was no longer practical for me to ask for!

As for my first pair heels, I convinced my dad to buy me a pair of “Milano” heels when I was 15 for my 9th grade school graduation! I wish I still had them – they were white, 4 inch stacked Mary Janes!

My first pair of designer heels were a pair of Casadei Boots that I asked my [now] husband to buy for me as an early Birthday Gift! I still have those and will NEVER sell them! They are much too sentimental… (I’ll write a separate blog post on my beloved Casadei boots separately).

I had been coveting Louboutins for over a decade and in 2012 I got my first pair!  I also can never forget my first pair of Loubis. They were a humbling pair of refurbished Christian Louboutin Pink Suede Very Prive Pumps which I purchased at Nordstroms Rack for a fraction of what they retail for!

OMG I couldn’t believe I was finally going to own my first pair of Red Bottoms! I was so excited to find them at such an affordable price. The only problem was that they were a size and a half too big! Still, I convinced myself that I’d be able to make them “FIT”. Instead, they sat in my closet as eye candy because nothing worked to prevent heel slippage.

As my Louboutin Collection grew, I sold off some pairs I no longer wore and gained some new ones. I can talk to you about making a profit selling your designer heels separately (they’re investments). However, I do regret selling my Pink Very Prive Pumps – even though I sold them for a profit, they had sentimental value because it was the first time I actually saved enough money to buy a pair. I think every Rugged Glam-er would remember his/her fist purchase of Christian Louboutin shoes. It’s almost like a rite of passage – going from Nine Wests to Red Bottoms is a major leap in life.

Christian Louboutin Very Prive 120 S 308_02_LRG
My first pair of Christian Louboutins were a humbling pair of Refurbished Very Prive Pumps purchased at Nordstrom’s Rack.

Through this day – I always try to find a “deal”. But there are times when I love the Louboutins I’m eyeing so much and I just KNOW they’ll sell out of my size, so I’ll go ahead and splurge.

This got me thinking….. are Louboutins addictive?

In short, I think yes. I’m not the only one who thinks that…. Christian Louboutin himself tweeted out a warning that Red Soles Can Be Addictive!


I’m sure all you Rugged Glam-ers can attest to that. But that is okay in my opinion. Any collection is valuable to another like-minded collector… with Louboutin collectors, there are many because his heels are genuinely works of art.

Louboutin collections have proven to be profitable and in my experience, if you take care of your Red Soles, they DO hold their value. This is especially true for limited edition pieces. I view heels as statement pieces and works of art. I much prefer purchasing a nice pair of heels than a piece of art. Everyone is different but whatever it is you are collecting, I am sure it is addictive.

I’d love to hear what your first pair of Christian Louboutins were or if you have any bonafide addictions too!

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