First Post! Have to Share Thoughts on My New Summer Loubis

Okay let’s get real shoe-lovers! Christian Louboutin added spikes to his 2016 spring/summer “16S” collection. I couldn’t resist – I HAD TO HAVE THEM – in two colors: Indian Rose (i.e. hottttttttt pink) and Black!

If there is anything I love in this world (after animals and my man), it is SPIKES. I’m talking serious spikes: spike heels, spikes on shoes, spike jewelry, spike ANYTHING …. I think there is nothing sexier.

And since I’m being candid… I’ll just come out and say that I am going to have a summer love affair with my new sandals when I get my hands on them! SHAMELESS! But honestly, I can’t wait to wear them (patience is not one of my virtues) .

So here are the Bikee Deck 60mm and Bikee Bike Flat beauties I’m waiting for:

In my opinion, black spike sandals are a classic wardrobe essential. This is an easy shoe to wear almost anywhere…. I’ll definitely be running around town running errands in these…. but since I’m so Rugged Glam, I’ll even wear them to work on a casual Friday with a loose dress and tailored blazer.

Shocker? When you’re a Rugged Glam girl (or guy) like me, you are sure to have tons of confidence. If you don’t, my advice is give these a shot – they might just boost your confidence by at least 60mm with their platforms. But spikes are bold, they make a statement, and Louboutin may as well have made any of his spiked shoes for the Rugged Glam girl!


I love the front…. the strap is angled so will show off your toes nicely – (side note: Ladies! Be sure to keep them polished and esthetically pleasing if you know what I mean… NO ASH! There’s no shame in ashy feet unless you don’t do anything about them…. so for God’s sake do something about it…. get a professional pedicure or soak them in butter and pumice the hell out of them if you have to, but do something! Don’t ever neglect your feet because they can make any girl who looks “put together” like a hot mess in a second).


Check out this platform. I F*ing love it.


Next up: Indian Rose hotttt pink beauties. I have the Louboutin Pigalle Follies 120mm in Indian Rose Patent Leather so I’m very familiar with the color. It is the perfect hue of magenta and will look great against a bronze tan that I hope to achieve this summer.   This is a very casual sandal and definitely a statement piece too, so I’ll probably wear it with a pair of shorts or ripped jeans and a girly top. I’d wear them with any neutral color, black or jeans – the more rugged and ripped, the better. Let this be your pop of color.


No heel height, but every Rugged Glam girl needs a nice flat too…. it’s the perfect height to run errands around town or go shopping for groceries, etc.


#eyecandy galore!  xoxo



So in conclusion…. I can’t wait to get them. I’ll be wearing them at every opportunity. To Rugged Glam girls, spikes are essential and the new neutral…. they’re classics. You’ll always find a time and place to wear these, so if you’re considering them, definitely don’t hesitate and buy them before sizes run out (I was lucky I got the last pair in my size!).

They also come in blue and beige colors. For me, black and pink are staples for my closet – but go for whatever grabs your eye!

I’m also including my video review of the sandals which might be of help to you also! Please like/subscribe to help me grow! It would mean so much xoxo….

Thanks for stopping by! This is pretty much my first blog post so please help me grow my blog by sharing/liking, etc. and please come back and visit again soon! I’ll be posting regularly.

Keep in touch Rugged Glam-ers!

Much Love,



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