Everything You Need To Know About The Saint Laurent Metropolis Bag

Welcome back Rugged Glam -ers! Did you hear? Celine Triomphe met Chloe Faye and they had a baby…. her name is My New Saint Laurent Metropolis Bag!

Celine Triomphe : Beautiful Structure and Classic Shape

I love the Chloe Faye’s chain and accordion appearance! (Photo Credit: Net a Porter. To purchase, click HERE)

I just received the Metropolis Bag and let me tell you…. She’s even more beautiful in person! I’ve always been a sucker for the classic look but loved the spin of an accordion side appearance and chain strap; this bag has it all!

Now in full transparency, I have a YSL bias. I’ve always loved Saint Laurent’s designs and coveted their oh-so-rugged-glam handbags. But you see, I know this bag is not just loved by those biased like me, as it captures compliments from a variety of bystanders.

Let me explain. I wore her to the Chanel Boutique on a recent shopping trip I was on. “I love your bag”, said one SA…. “who makes that bag?” inquired another…. You see, the discreet “Saint Laurent” Embossing onto the lock-hook closure, is desirable for me at this time when logo-mania has taken over my closet!

I love the shoulder bag’s structure and cheeky masculinity. You set her down on the table and she holds her posture… maybe even lifts her nose a bit at the rest of the world because, let’s face it, she’s a bit sassy!

I got her in this season’s latest trend – faux croc – which is what gives off a bit of a masculine appearance. In fact, for men that like to carry shoulder bags, this would be a great option for a night out.

Enough of the longwinded intro. You all get it, I love the bag. Now let’s talk specifics:

The Metropolis bag was born this winter in F19-W20. I loved the delicate (but durable) brass shoulder chain which can also be doubled up.

The lock hook closure on the front of the bag took me a minute how to figure out how to operate, haha, and I’m no rookie! But the system is great and you don’t have to deal with the annoying magnetic closures on Saint Laurent’s Lou Lou bags that did or did not work based on your luck that day!

Inside, there is a flat pocket under the front flap – VERY convenient! It also has two internal compartments with a useful snap button coin purse. It seems there is a pocket in every place you need it, which for someone like me is a great step up from the annoying Kate bags! (While I love the appearance, it’s totally impractical for me to store anything in there!)….

I’ll link a video to my review of this bag on my Youtube Channel! Please check it out by clicking HERE and subscribe for more!

Watch My First Impressions of the Saint Laurent Metropolis Bag (and Subscribe for more!)

Thanks for spending your time with me Rugged Glam -ers! Have a great weekend!

Much Love, RGxx


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